How COVID-19 boosted the demand of Organic ingredient based cosmetics

Aug 26, 2020 Castor Oil Business
How COVID-19 boosted the demand of Organic ingredient based cosmetics

Covid-19: The Life Changer

The entire humanity is going through an unprecedented phase with Covid-19 changing our lives. Health and wellness have become the central focus of our lives. The pandemic has not only locked us into the house, but has also made us ask various questions to ourselves. Are we living a healthy lifestyle? Are we intaking a lot of artificial substances, which may take a harmful route in the long run? While there are a lot of questions popping now and then, many people have started redirecting their way of life and taken an organic approach.

Rerouting to Organic Lifestyle

With the surge in the pandemic cases, many people have initiated a shift to consuming healthy and natural products rather than artificial and synthetically processed products. There has also been a rise in the demand of organic centric compound usage in cosmetics.

Primarily, the majority of women used to consider the efficacy of beauty and personal care products. However, cleanliness, safety and shelf life has now also become prior points to consider before making a purchase.

With the organic obsession reviving again, products like organic cold pressed castor oil, tea-tree oil, aloe vera, along with other natural products are proliferating in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Let’s have a detailed look at few of the best organic compounds that have an added advantage during these times:

1. Hydrogenated Castor Oil in Skin Care

Castor oil is extracted from a thorny, scrub and tough castor plant. Castor oil soaps and hair oils are one of the many products used by individuals, for the umpteen known benefits of castor oil.

Castor has anti-bacterial and microbial properties and therefore makes it a go to product during the covid times. On the top of it, it also has added advantages on the skin like anti-aging, hydrating and moisturizing properties.

Castor oil is used in curing many ailments, it helps in producing the proper amount of lymphocytes, which are a part of the immune system that fights towards the unwanted bacteria and diseases. As it is completely natural, it is very useful in treating skin disorders.

From old traditions, Castor oil has been an integral part of India and in uncertain times like these can come to rescue. Castor oil manufacturers in India manufacture various derivatives of castor oil which can also be used for various other applications, including personal care. India is the leading producer of castor oil followed by China and Brazil. The entire process overall takes around a quarter, which includes harvesting,extracting and manufacturing.

2. Tea-Tree Oil

Tea-Tree oil also known as Melaleuca alternifolia is renowned for its antibacterial and anti-viral properties, which is why it has also witnessed a boost during corona. It is used extensively in personal and homecare products.

Tea Tree oils have a plethora of benefits. Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it can be used for treating acne. Tea tree oil also shows great results on oily and dry skin. It contains therapeutic attributes that are useful to fight germs and various other ailments. This makes it a very essential oil during the time where health and wellness are the top-most priority.

Further, Tea Tree Oil was used for specific pandemic related purposes as follow:

  • Hand sanitisers – The formulation contained nearly 5 to 10 percent of the essential oil along with approximately 70 percent alcohol. As ethanol has the tendency to evaporate quickly, the oil remains for much longer time on the skin, giving it protection through its antimicrobial characteristics.
  • Vaporisers or HVAC inserts – Many households and work spaces opted tea tree oil as a vaporiser unit in their air conditioners to protect themselves from airborne virus and other unwanted microorganisms.
  • Surface Disinfecting Products – Producing surface cleaning products with the usage of tea tree oils are turning out to be popular. These are used for spraying on or wiping the surfaces as these cleaners provide an umbrella of protection against microorganism and bacterias. Recently, it was also used in the maritime industry for cleaning commercial ships and cruisers.

3. Aloe-Vera

Aloe Vera has ample benefits when it comes to skincare and building immunity, has become one of the best products to stay away from unwanted biological influences. While it was always in the most desired list of cosmetic products, the pandemic also upscaled its sale due to its usage.

The use of the ingredients is not only limited to enhancing the skin, wound healing, anti-aging purpose but has extended its arms. Many companies are extensively using Aloe Vera for producing sanitizers in large volumes. There are also many consumers who also tried developing home-made sanitizers with the same. The natural oil essential producers have also seen a huge demand for hand sanitizer due to the outbreak of the virus.

There are other ingredients which are also in huge demand. Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) was extensively used in production of sanitizer and cleaning products. Eucalyptus Oil saw a spike in Asian premises as it treats various common ailments like nasal congestion, asthma, etc. Indonesia also used the following oil for restricting the spread of coronavirus.

Covid- The New Filter

Covid-19 has become a new filter while taking any step during recent times. This has also reflected when in taking food or purchasing beauty and cosmetic products. As we move through this phase, it is very crucial to intake items that are good for your immunity and health. The panic created by the pandemic has equivalently made it important for the brands to further invest in reliable and safe products. As we change the way we eat, gather with our near and dear ones, the same way it has impacted the huge array of markets and the way it processes.

In the uncertain pandemic scenario, every industry is facing challenges and hence searching for innovative approaches. The beauty and cosmetic industry is also seeing a surge in the usage of organic base products and the trend may continue further in the long run. Clearly, the Covid-19 has taught us to contemplate on the way we live our life and has led us to incorporate certain habits that can stay forever on an individual as well as industry level.