Pharmaceutical Applications

Pharmaceutical Grade Castor Oil
for Pharmaceutical Application

There are countless pharmaceutical applications where Castor Oil is essential. Ambuja is involved in the manufacturing of Pharmaceutical- Grade Castor Oil for health and wellness to mankind. The hydrogenation process of the Pharmaceutical-Grade Castor Oil is done safely to protect the medicinal properties. This Castor Oil is used to emulsify and solubilize oils and other water-insoluble substances which otherwise don’t dissolve. This first-pressed oil is extracted in its natural form to preserve therapeutic specialties.

Pharmaceutical Grade Castor Oil present in pharma products acts as a stiffening agent, laxatives and tablet-capsule lubricant. It cures skin disorders, burns, abrasions, cuts, ailments, abdominal illness, constipation, headaches, muscle pains, inflammatory problems, skin eruptions, lesions and sinusitis. There are also other oils like Castor Oil EP Grade, Castor Oil BP Grade and Castor Oil USP Grade used for several pharmaceutical purposes. For instance, USP Grade Castor Oil is used as an emollient for pharmaceutical creams and lotions. On the other hand, Virgin Castor Oil is obtained by pressing, without the addition of excess heat to preserve the herbal and healing properties for pharmaceutical usages and treatments.

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Detailed Information
About Castor Oil Products

Product name Specification PDS MSDS
Virgin Castor Oil (Pharmaceutical Grade) (BP, USP/NF, EP, JP) download download download
Refined Castor Oil (Pharmaceutical Grade) (BP, EP, JP) download download download
Castor Oil (DAB-10) download download download
Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Pharmaceutical Grade) (BP, USP/NF, EP, JP) download download download