Blown Castor Oil

Blown castor oil is a honey-golden vicious liquid derived after oxidative polymerization and due to this fact, it is also known as oxidized castor oil or polymerized castor oil. It is prepared by blowing air or oxygen into castor oil at various temperatures of 80-1300C. Oxidative polymerization of castor oil yields products with increased viscosities, increased compatibility with various resins and improved adequacy to wet and disperse pigments while imparting solvent and abrasion resistance to lacquer systems. With this process, lacquer systems get highly resistant to weather conditions and stay unaffected by industrial emissions. Blown castor oil is polymerized to plasticize a variety of resins in adhesive, heat-set inks and sealant systems and as oil and solvent-resistant for plug-valve lubricant base.


  • In Hydraulic fluids as a lubricating additive. It is safe on rubbers and plastics.
  • In leather materials for flexibility and permanence
  • As a polish on wood and metal for a glossy appearance
  • To use in as sealants and caulks for flexibility, adhesion and penetration