cold pressed castor oil

Castor seeds mostly contain 50-60 per cent of oil weight. This brilliant and viscous castor oil is derived by Hydraulic (Mechanical) pressing of seeds without applying heat, chemicals or performing any solvent process. Cold pressed castor oil is also known as virgin oil as it is extracted in its natural form by pressing and not by steam cooking or applying heat which means that the herbal properties and healing benefits are preserved in it. Also familiar as organic cold pressed castor oil, it is considered the most valuable laxative in pharmaceutical industries for treating various skin diseases, as a dietary supplement and for different medical conditions. This pure cold pressed castor oil is free from suspended matter and is extracted under most hygienic condition.


  • Helps in curing skin care problems
  • Treats burns and sunburns
  • Useful in skin disorders, skin cuts and abrasions
  • Useful in abdominal complaints
  • Improves inflammatory conditions
  • Treats headaches, muscle pains
  • Helps in curing skin eruptions, lesions and sinusitis
  • Useful in Cosmetics