Ink, Paint, Varnish & Rubber

Ink, Paint, Varnish & Rubber

Castor Oil and its derivatives have a wide spectrum of uses in Ink, Paint, Vanish & Rubber industries. Let us look at some important Castor Oil derivatives in the following industries.

Dehydrated Castor Oil (DCO) is used as a primary binder for paints, enamels, sealants, inks and more. It has functional use for the production of alkyd resins, acrylic and epoxy ester resins for the paint industry, coatings and as an additive in ink formulations. Paints which integrate this oil grade are super white and delivers a superior finish. DCO is used with phenolics to obtain fast dry coatings with maximum alkali resistance as required in sanitary can linings, corrosion, resistant coatings, high-performance traffic paints, varnishes, vehicles, wire enamels, aluminium paints, appliance finishes and marine finishes, etc.

Blown Castor Oil is a derivative with higher viscosity. Also known as oxidized oil, Blown Castor Oil is used in hydraulic fluids and as a lubricity additive in the manufacturing of lithographic inks. Blown Castor Oil has been a classic plasticizer of shellac rosin, natural and synthetic resins, celluloses, and natural & synthetic rubbers.

Refined Castor Oil is used as a substantially insoluble and infusible polymer. As a lubricant it is used in petroleum emulsification- hydraulic and brake fluid, polish, inks, paints, rubbers, etc. It is used in combination with styrene and diisocyanates for film-forming.

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Product name Specification PDS MSDS
Castor Oil Cold Pressed download download download
Refined Castor Oil (FSG/BSS) download download download
Castor Oil Pale Pressed Grade download download download
Castor Oil (DAB-10) download download download
Blown Castor Oil (Oxidized Castor Oil) (Ox-Pol Castor Oil) (10-300 poise@25°C) download download download
Deodorized Castor Oil (D-1, D-2, D-3) download download download