Disinfectant Application

Product name Specification PDS MSDS
Castor Oil Soap (35 % and 50 %) Download Download Download
Sulphonated Castor Oil (Turkey Red Oil) (TRO) (35±2 % & 50±2 %) Download Download Download

We manufacture international standard Sulphonated castor oil, also popularly known as Sulfated oil or Turkey red oil. It is derived after adding sulphuric acid to castor oil. Sulphonated castor oil acts as anionic surfactant that completely disperses in water and is also considered as a synthetic detergent. It especially functions as wetting, dispersing and levelling agent. This castor oil grade carries a unique scent and dissolves easily in water-based products. Therefore, it becomes a good base for bath oils, shampoos, castor oil soaps, in pharmaceutical applications, in paints for pigment wetting, in dye dispersion and also as lubricant. Sulphonated castor oil has medium viscosity and very good moisturizing abilities that makes it suitable for various grades like cosmetics, textiles and distilleries.