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Castor Oil- One of the Best Moisturizers

Castor oil extracted from the castor beans-the
seeds of the Ricinus communis plant is treasured
highly in the beauty industry. Many people wonder,
is castor oil a good moisturizer? Well, the
answer lies in observing the major ingredients of
today’s cosmetics.

Today, the cosmetology industry is in awe of the
castor oil’s miraculous healing properties and
especially the industry relies heavily on castor oil to
boost the moisturizing properties of skin-care
products, lipsticks as well as hair care products.
Also, the castor oil has the comedogenic rating of 1
on the scale of 0 to 5 which is considered excellent.
This means that the oil doesn’t clog the skin pores,
suits almost all skin types and penetrates smoothly
into the skin.