Turkey Red Castor Oil: Top Uses and Buying Guide

May 09, 2023 Castor Oil Business
Turkey Red Castor Oil: Top Uses and Buying Guide

Castor oil is no less than a miracle because it surprises us with so many derivatives of it that hold an important and prime position in various industries. Turkey red castor oil is one such derivative of castor oil that is widely appreciated and demanded in the market for its impressive abilities. Let’s know more about it, its uses, and how to buy it.

What is Turkey Red Castor Oil?

Turkey Red Castor Oil (TRCO), also known as Sulfated/Sulfonated Castor Oil (SCO), is a derivative of Castor Oil, a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus communis). It is dark orange-red in color and its texture is viscous and a bit sticky. It has a bit oily but not a very strong scent with a very slow absorbency speed.

Turkey Red Castor Oil has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal properties. It is a natural ingredient that has a wide range of uses in skincare, haircare, soap making, and textile dyeing

It is important to note that while turkey red castor oil is water-soluble, it is not safe for consumption and should only be used for industrial and commercial purposes. Additionally, it is important to handle turkey red castor oil with care, as it can be hazardous if ingested or inhaled in large quantities.

How is Turkey Red Castor Oil Made?

  • Turkey red castor oil, is made by a process called sulfonation, which involves reacting castor oil with sulfuric acid to produce a water-soluble form. Here are the steps involved:
  • Castor oil is first heated to a specific temperature, usually between 60-70°C, in a reaction vessel.
  • Sulfuric acid is then added to the reaction vessel, while stirring continuously. The amount of sulfuric acid added depends on the desired level of sulfonation.
  • The mixture is stirred for a specific period of time, usually several hours, to allow the reaction to occur.
  • The resulting product is then neutralized with an alkaline solution, such as sodium hydroxide or ammonia, to remove any excess acid.
  • The neutralized product is then washed and filtered to remove any impurities.
  • Finally, the product is dried and packaged for sale.

The sulfonation process converts some of the hydroxyl groups in the castor oil into sulfate esters, which gives the oil its unique properties, such as its solubility in water and its use as a surfactant in various industrial applications.

Top Uses of Turkey Red Castor Oil

Turkey Red Oil works great as a solubilizer. It can self-emulsify in water and also helps disperse other oils in water as well. Therefore, Turkey red castor oil has a variety of industrial and commercial applications, including as a surfactant, emulsifier, and wetting agent. It is commonly used in the textile industry to disperse dyes and as a lubricant in the manufacture of synthetic rubber. But, due to its dispersing nature, it is also used in the production of detergents, shampoos, and personal care products. Let’s see in detail some of the popular applications of sulfated castor oil.

A. In Skincare

Turkey Red Castor Oil is a great addition to any skincare routine. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help soothe irritated skin and reduce acne. Here are some ways to use Turkey Red Castor Oil in your skincare routine:

  • Mix a few drops of Turkey Red Castor Oil with your moisturizer to boost hydration.
  • Use it as a spot treatment for acne by applying a small amount directly to the affected area.
  • Add it to your face mask to help reduce redness and inflammation.

B. In Haircare

Being rich in ricinoleic acid, Sulfonated Castor Oil can help improve hair growth and thickness. Here are some ways to use Turkey Red Castor Oil in your haircare routine:

  • Massage it into your scalp to stimulate hair growth and reduce dandruff.
  • Use it as a hair mask by mixing it with coconut oil and leaving it in for 30 minutes before washing it out.
  • Add a few drops to your conditioner to help nourish and strengthen your hair.

C. In Soap Making

Since it is perfectly suited for use in making water-dispersible products, Turkey Red Castor Oil is a popular ingredient in soap making because it produces a rich and creamy lather. It also has emulsifying properties that can help bind ingredients together. Here’s how Turkey Red Castor Oil contribute in soap making:

  • It is used as a superfatting agent in soap recipe to increase the moisturizing properties of the soap.
  • It is added to the soap recipe at a rate of 5-10% of the total oil weight.

D. In Textile Industry

Turkey Red Castor Oil is used in the textile industry as a natural emulsifier for dyes. It helps to disperse the dye evenly in water and prevents the dye from separating. Here are some ways Turkey Red Castor Oil is used in the textile industry:

  • It acts as a great emulsifier when dyeing fabrics with natural dyes such as indigo or madder root.
  • It is mixed with water and added to the dye bath before adding the fabric.

Buying Guide for Turkey Red Castor Oil

Turkey Red Castor Oil can be purchased from various online stores or local health stores. But since adulteration is common in oils today, here are the steps you can follow to buy pure and reliable Turkey Red Castor Oil:

Check its quality – When buying Turkey Red Castor Oil, it is important to look for a high-quality product. Be sure to read the label carefully to ensure that it is 100% pure and natural, without any additives or preservatives. It should also be free from any impurities or contaminants.

Make sure the packaging is right – Turkey Red Castor Oil is best stored in a dark, cool place. Look for an oil that comes in an amber glass bottle or a dark plastic bottle to protect it from light. Avoid purchasing oil that comes in a clear glass bottle or a plastic bottle that is not dark in color.

Compare prices – The price of Turkey Red Castor Oil can vary depending on the brand and the quality of the oil. Compare prices from different online and local stores to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. While it is important to look for a good deal, be wary of oil that is priced significantly lower than other brands. This may be an indication of lower-quality oil.

Keep brand reputation in mind – When buying Turkey Red Castor Oil, it is important to choose a reputable brand. Look for brands that have positive reviews and a good reputation in the market. Prior to purchasing anything, make sure you do your research and read reviews.

Check both offline and online stores – Visit your local health store or organic grocery store to see if they carry Turkey Red Castor Oil. It is always good to check with local stores first as they may have a wider selection and better prices. If not, then search for online stores that specialize in natural oils or cosmetic ingredients. There are several online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart that sell Sulfated Castor Oil or better visit any reputable castor oil manufacturer’s site like us Ambuja Solvex to get the best, 100% pure, natural and organic Turkey Red Castor Oil.

Wrapping Up

Turkey Red Castor Oil is a versatile ingredient with a wide range of uses. Whether you are looking to enhance your skincare routine, improve the health of your hair, or experiment with soap-making or textile dyeing, Sulfated Castor Oil is a great natural option. When buying Turkey Red Castor Oil, be sure to look for a high-quality product that is stored in the right packaging, at a reasonable price, and from a reputable brand; all of which you will get from none other than the best turkey red oil manufacturer in India – Ambuja Solvex. Visit our store to know more.