The Impact of Shifting Towards the Sustainable, Renewable, & Biodegradable Resource – Castor Oil

Mar 20, 2023 Castor Oil Uses
The Impact of Shifting Towards the Sustainable, Renewable, & Biodegradable Resource –  Castor Oil

With the expansion of industries, our economy is growing, but, on the other hand, we are also leading to the verge of depletion of two highly-used non-renewable fuels i.e. petroleum and natural gas which are the oxygen for such industries. Therefore to prevent it; we already have an excellent alternative that is sustainable, renewable, & biodegradable in nature and that is none other than Castor oil. But, the major shift towards it is just happening now. Let’s understand why.

Castor Oil – The Emerging Raw Material for All Industries

Non-renewable energy sources such as coal, coal products, natural gas, derived gas, crude oil, petroleum products, and non-renewable wastes are what fueling the industries as well as other energy-running sectors such as electricity and transportation. Therefore, their high usage is raising concerns regarding the draining of fossil fuels and which is why both government and industries are unearthing biodegradable and sustainable products and shifting towards environmentally-friendly practices with an emphasis on finding a renewable raw material that makes the best alternative to fossil fuels and there, Castor Oil emerged as the winner among other edible vegetable oils.

Castor oil derived from the castor plant is an ancient answer to numerous problems majorly health-related until recently its ability as a Biofuel was discovered. From Personal Care and Cosmetics; Pharmaceuticals; Agriculture, and Food; Adhesive, Elastomer, and Coating Manufacturing; Paints and Dyes; Lubricants, and more, every industry sector today uses castor oil as its raw material and the reason behind it is its versatility.

Castor is one such oil that serves a wide variety of purposes by undergoing different chemical reactions and transforming into several castor oil derivatives which are then used in multiple industrial applications. Castor oil in every way deserves all the attention and demand for being the best raw material because it is;

  • obtained from non-edible crop
  • renewable
  • biodegradable
  • environmental-friendly
  • requires less investment in terms of land, water, and soil

Sustainable Castor Oil: Its Importance and Benefits

Although industries are the greatest contributors to a country’s economy, they also are the largest contributors in causing harm to the environment due to the massive amount of chemical processes conducted and waste generated in every production. Therefore, considering the rising threat to the health of the environment, the government and industries, both are exploring safe and sustainable alternatives and adopting eco-friendly practices to protect what is left for the future generation.

Sustainable castor oil is nothing but castor oil produced sustainably. Since the castor plant is a non-edible crop, it does not compete with edible crops and causes food shortages. Moreover, it can also grow easily and abundantly on even marginal land i.e. land that has little or no agricultural or industrial value which means it won’t take up valuable and fertile land required for the growth of edible crops. And last but not the least, the castor does not need excessive amounts of water or rich fertilizer for its growth. So overall, castor oil proves to be the best renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable raw material that is safe for the environment as well.

Now, let’s see the impacts of shifting towards sustainable castor oil on each factor.

On Economy – Although castor oil production was in good numbers in India, after the shift towards sustainability and biodegradable products by the people, the demand for sustainable castor oil has skyrocketed and hence the global Castor Oil market size which was valued at USD 1377.3 million in 2022, is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.0% during the forecast period, crossing USD 1743.08 million by 2028.

On Humans – Sustainable castor oil benefits everyone from its producers to buyers; like – to meet the rising demand for sustainable castor oil, the production of castor oil will increase, hence producers i.e. farmers, as well as the stakeholders who invested in the production of this versatile crop, will benefit from it. Next, are the manufacturers of castor oil who will gain from the sustainable production of castor plants because only then will they be able to serve the huge and bubbling demand for sustainable castor oil. Lastly, the suppliers because the export of castor oil among other countries from India happens in tons so you can imagine how much net worth of sustainable castor oil will carry while migrating to other countries to meet their needs.

On Environment – Now, apart from the benefits we humans get from sustainable castor oil, there are several relaxations that our environment gain too from it which otherwise non-renewable resources, like petrochemicals are creating an adverse effect on our world with it, and they are:

  • Pollution and smog
  • Climate change
  • Damage to ecosystems as we dig for coal, oil, etc.
  • Large oil spills on water bodies that disturb the marine environment

Because castor oil is no chemical that will release any poisonous gas when burnt or produce any toxic waste when processed that will put the environment at risk in any way.

On Industries – With consumer behavior shifting towards natural, organic, sustainable, green, and biodegradable products, industries too are changing their course and are choosing natural ingredients as their raw materials. Sustainable castor oil is one such choice, as it serves a raw material for various industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and agriculture, etc. Thus, instead of the expensive chemicals, investing in affordable sustainable castor oil benefits the industries more than they can imagine.

So, you can easily guess how important and beneficial sustainable castor oil is to the world.

Wrapping Up

Castor oil is one of a kind oil that has been used since ancient times and is still the future due to its incredible abilities and values that help it transform into a wide variety of castor derivatives which then serve as a raw material to almost all industrial sectors. Thanks to the government and the industry’s initiative to use eco-friendly and biodegradable products, ‌ sustainable castor oil is rising to fame and is getting all the attention it deserves.

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