Regular Castor Oil vs. Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Apr 30, 2024 Cold-Pressed Castor Oil
Regular Castor Oil vs. Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Castor oil is a naturally derived oil from the castor seeds. For centuries, it has been used for several medicinal and cosmetic purposes. In the present scenario, castor oil and its derivatives have found wide usage in various industrial applications. They are one of the most important ingredients in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bio-diesel and many other industries. However, with so many options available, choosing the right castor oil can be quite confusing. Not knowing the right kind of castor oil for your specific requirement can be problematic and harmful. On the internet, you might have seen a debate between “regular” and cold-pressed castor oil. Which one is beneficial? Are they truly different? Does it matter which one you choose?

We’ll find out the answers to all the questions in this comprehensive guide. Also, we’ll dive deeper into the world of castor oil and explore its extraction processes, benefits, and use cases of each regular and cold-pressed castor oil. After reading this blog you’ll be able to pick the perfect castor oil for your needs.

The Extraction Methods

Before delving into the advantages and disadvantages, let’s first understand the key difference between regular and cold-pressed castor oil extraction processes. Mainly, there are two extraction processes- the pressed extraction process and the chemical extraction process.

Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

The cold-pressed method is considered to be the most authentic natural process for preserving the castor oil’s purity and strength. In this extraction method, castor seeds are mechanically pressed with the help of a device that oil resulting in oil, without applying heat. This process helps to retain the oil’s natural colour, essence, and most significantly, all the beneficial nutrients like ricinoleic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Regular Castor Oil

“Regular” castor oil is the term used for castor oil which is obtained from the old process. In some cases, “regular” castor oil is simply another term for cold-pressed castor oil. However, in most cases, it might refer to a refined castor oil. This extraction process is similar to the cold-pressed method, but it involves additional steps like heating, deodorizing, and bleaching the oil. Though these steps can enhance the oil’s taste, clarity, and shelf life, sometimes these steps might also strip away some of the important nutrients present in pure cold-pressed oil.

Therefore, before purchasing castor oil, it’s crucial to look at the label carefully. On the label check for terms like “unrefined,” “virgin,” or “cold-pressed” of the oil to ensure that you’re getting the natural and potentially beneficial form of castor oil.

Decoding the Benefits: Regular vs. Cold-Pressed

Regardless of the extraction method, castor oil provides a wide range of potential benefits. Here’s a breakdown of how regular and cold-pressed castor oil might stack up:

Skin Health

Pure cold-pressed castor oil has moisturizing and soothing properties which make them the best fit for cosmetic industries. However, this type of castor oil might have a slight edge over other castor oil. Its potentially higher concentration of nutrients aids in wound healing, reducing inflammation and combating acne.

Hair Care

Castor oil and its derivatives are the most popular choice for promoting hair growth and strengthening strands. Both, cold-pressed & regular castor oil can contribute to healthier hair. Pure cold-pressed castor oil might be the best choice for hair care due to its potentially richer content of ricinoleic acid, which is believed to stimulate hair growth.

Laxative Effects

Organic castor oil cold pressed is a well-known natural laxative. Both regular and cold-pressed castor oil can be effective in relieving constipation. However, due to the potential presence of trace amounts of ricin (a toxin) in some cold-pressed oils. Some manufacturers might slightly refine the regular castor oil to ensure complete safety for laxative use.

Other Uses

These two forms of castor oil can also be used for eyebrow and eyelash growth, makeup removal, and even as a lubricant.

Please Remember, these are just general potential benefits. It’s advised to always consult a healthcare professional before using castor oil, especially for medicinal purposes.

Additional Considerations

Colour and Scent

Pure cold-pressed castor oil is typically pale yellow with a mild nutty odour. However, Regular castor oil might be transparent and have a more neutral scent due to refining processes.


Cold-pressed oils, due to their minimally processed nature, can be slightly more expensive than regular castor oil.

The Bottom Line

Regular and cold-pressed castor oil offers a multitude of potential benefits. Cold-pressed oil is out for its potentially higher nutrient content, making it a good choice for skin and hair care medicinal and other industrial uses. Regular castor oil can be just as effective for some uses, like laxative purposes. Hence, the right choice depends on your specific needs and requirements.
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