Turkey Red Oil

Turkey red oil is synthesized after adding sulphuric acid to the castor oil in the controlled environment at our advanced processing unit. In respect with its process, it is also known as Sulphonated Castor Oil or Sulfated Castor Oil. Sulphonated Castor Oil is moderately viscous, acts as an anionic surfactant and as an active wetting agent careful of reducing the surface tension. It is treated so that it becomes dispersible in water which makes it a perfect additive for bath oil, soaps, detergents and disinfectant applications. Turkey Red Oil has a wide variety of application in different chemical industries, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.


  • In the paper industry
  • For the anti-foaming purpose in dyes & intermediates
  • Defoaming agent and emulsifier in paper and sugar industry
  • For skin protection in the cosmetic industry
  • As an additive in the lubricant industry
  • As an additive in paints & inks
  • In alcohol for fermentation and anti-foaming
  • Water-soluble low foam emulsifier and dispersant.
  • In textiles as a softener, wetting agent and detergent for scouring wool and cotton and a levelling agent and dispersant in dying.
  • Paints and Coatings as a pigment dispersant, emulsifier and stabiliser.
  • Lubricants as a low foam emulsifier with lubricating properties in wire drawing compounds, cutting oils and textile lubricants.
  • For fat liquoring of light coloured leathers, suede and calf uppers.
  • In disinfectants as an emulsifier and solubilizer.
  • In cosmetics as humectants and as an Emulsifier for Oil Bath.