Partially Hydrogenated Oil

Partially Hydrogenated Castor Oil or Hydrogenated castor wax flakes are prepared after adding hydrogen to the castor oil in presence of nickel catalyst and then hydrogenated castor oil is transformed into a hard, brittle wax with a melting point of approximately 86 Degree Celsius. This grade is more qualified for water-resistant products, petroleum, oils and petroleum derivatives. When melted this castor wax transforms into a clear transparent liquid and is a non-toxic and non-hazardous material. It also finds its use in cosmetics, in manufacturing high-performance greases like aviation grease, paper coating, and unique combinations of physicochemical properties.


  • High-quality greases
  • In soaps and cosmetics
  • As a mould release agent during the processing of plastic and rubber
  • Stationary – Plastic crayons, pencils
  • Personal care – Lipsticks, anti-deodorant sticks
  • Hot-melt coatings, vinyl coating
  • Sealants
  • As a plasticizer