Ambhuchem GMHS (GLYCEROL HYDROXYSTEARATE) Ester is off-white, low-odour waxy solid hydrogenated castor oil with superior tenderness, moisturization, and non-comedogenic properties. It is used primarily as an auxiliary emulsifier in formulations of personal care and beauty products as it gives a non-oily and non-greasy feel. It has an HLB of 3.4. Its approach of waxlike property and emulsion stability is of that beeswax with its healing and soothing qualities for skin care naturally.

Ambhuchem GMHS (GLYCEROL HYDROXYSTEARATE) possesses fine emollient properties and improves the dispersibility of colourants, bodying, thickening and formulation of active principles. Imparts high resistance to rancidity and is recommended as essential emulsification.


  • Improves emulsion stability over a wide pH range
  • Good emollient properties
  • Imparts silky smooth feel with non-greasy properties
  • Improves bodying properties of the formulation
  • Improves dispersibility of colourants and active principles in the formulation
  • Enhances outturn in stick preparations in roll-ons or antiperspirant sticks
  • Good solubility in silicone fluids
  • Broad compatibility with most natural and synthetic derivatives


The nature-derived, extensive functional benefits of Ambubhem GMHS  (Glycerol Hydroxystearate) make it a great choice for skin-friendly and personal care products. Its moisturizing properties are derived from its outstanding film-forming attributes together with its unique hydroxyl group. The hydroxyl group can retain small amounts of moisture, so when it is rubbed on the skin, it liquefies and hydrates the skin to give a silklike feel. It is known to satisfy the demand for skin care products being a natural ingredient for protection of the skin.

It is recommended for the following personal care formulations

  • Face creams, lotions, night creams, vanishing creams
  • Antiperspirant sticks and roll-ons
  • Shampoos, rinses and conditioners
  • Hand and body lotions
  • Lipsticks and gloss
  • Suntan preparations
  • Herbal creams and lotions